System of a Down vocalist Serj Tankian recently cleared the air around the band's new music in a tell-all statement, stating numerous reasons for why their long-awaited new album has seen countless delays.

In a new interview with Forbes, which also features Incubus frontman  Brandon Boyd, Tankian is asked by Boyd if System are currently working on new music. "No," Tankian succinctly replied. Boyd responded, "That’s cool though," to which Tankian opened up more, saying, "I don’t know if it is or isn’t. But it is what it is. The new music thing, there’s a lot of press going back and forth and I recently made a statement online, on Facebook, explaining the whole hiatus and took responsibility for it."

"When the time is right you will," Boyd said. Tankian sternly replied, "If the time is right." It is interesting to see the System frontman so adamant about not committing to anything regarding the future of the band (other than live appearances).

He later added, "There’s no law that says a band should be together for a million years and have a million records. Actually, if you look over the years as a musicologist or a fan of music would, in any way, it’s probably regressive thinking."

As The PRP pointed out, Tankian spoke far more favorably about System performing live, proposing that the band may be better friends now because of the fact that they haven't released a new album. “That’s the thing, over all these years, maybe we’re better friends because we haven’t made a record in 12 years. I think creating the record brings a lot of these intricate personality complex into writing, to the surface. But when we’re playing live we’re like, ‘Hey, how have you been? I haven’t seen you in a couple of months. How’s the family?’"

He continued, "It’s like playing basketball together, playing a live show together. There’s no brain thing going on, it’s just enjoying it and doing it. That’s why we have a lot of fun. And we’ve become better friends because of it. Over the years touring here and there, a month here, two months. We’ve become better friends and closer with each other because of it.”

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