Sevendust are going back to their early days and revisiting their self-titled debut album. To celebrate its 20th anniversary they'll play the record in its entirety at a special hometown show in Atlanta on March 17 at the Masquerade. Tickets go on sale Friday morning at 10AM.

Sevendust was released in April of 1997 on TVT Records. It only peaked at No. 165 on the Billboard 200 chart, but went on to be certified Gold in 1999. Produced by Twisted Sister's Jay Jay French and Mark Mendoza, the album spawned the singles "Black" and "Bitch."

In a 2016 interview, guitarist John Connolly talked about the longevity of Sevendust. "I think it’s just a mutual respect we have for each other. When Clint (Lowery) left, that separation period was needed on both sides. He needed to step away, take care of his business. and find his path again and we needed the same. Instead of letting that moment in time define the band, everyone was up for the challenge. Clint went to play with his brother in the band Dark New Day."

Connolly continues, "We put out three records during that time and when he came back it just felt like that original chemistry. We enjoy making music with each other and we still have that excitement from the first day of rehearsal. When we made Kill the Flaw, it was just like that first day. We don’t look at it as being together for 20 years; we just enjoy jamming with each other. We're brothers and fight like cats and dogs but we have each other backs – we're family."

In addition to the March show in Atlanta, Sevendust have a few other concerts planned for 2017 including Wisconsin's Rock Fest in July, but don't expect the band to do any major touring until 2018.

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