Do you love Dr Pepper? Want to make it the official soft drink of Texas?

Well, simply adding your signature to the Dr Pepper petition might just make that happen. By using this link, you can add your name to the list of Texans who think Dr Pepper should officially be named the State Soft Drink of Texas.

They call themselves "Passionate Peppers". Fans of Dr Pepper who are spreading the word of the petition on social media are using the hashtag #DrPepperLovesTX. spoke with Mary Beth Farrell from the Dr Pepper Museum who said, "I feel like the people of Texas have spoken for years that Dr Pepper is the official soft drink of Texas. It's unique, of course, just like Texas. It's big 23 flavors, not simple, not plain."

So far the petition is up to 3,000+ signatures. Dr Pepper says they will debut a collection of special edition bottle labels throughout Texas for a limited time. There are 15 labels in all with artwork that shows off some of the state's landmarks and landscapes. You'll find these special bottles on sale in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and Waco.

What do you think? Should Dr Pepper be the official soda of Texas? Got a different suggestion? Let us know!

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