If you've been going to Six Flags in Arlington your whole life like many of us Texans have, then you know about the iconic Shockwave roller coaster. Well they just updated it. And it looks amazing!

For the longest time the Shockwave was one of the greatest roiller coasters ever. It has two back to back loops right at the beginning. Its the main coaster you see coming to Six Flags from the Interstate. It is an iconic ride. Over the years with all the improvements in roller coasters getting bigger and faster it has kind of been forgotten.

Well Six Flags didn't forget. They recently, and just in time for this year's Fright Fest, have revamped it into a virtual reality 3D style coaster where you also fight aliens and monsters. They call it "Rage Of The Gargoyles". It looks really cool, and it is enough of a reason for me to head back to Six Flags very soon! Watch the video because it shows you a side by side view of the coaster and what the riders see as they ride, and its awesome.

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