One of my guilty pleasure is jamming SIXX: A.M. because they are such a great rock band to jam out to. I am very stoked to hear that they are not only writing a new album but are close to putting the touches on a finished product.

SIXX: A.M. consists of guitarist DJ Ashba and vocalist James Michael and bassist Nikki Sixx.

I would love to see SIXX: A.M. live but there are circumstances that hold this band back. All three musicians in this band are highly accomplished in their own right. Nikki in Motley Crue, DJ Ashba in Guns N' Roses and James Michael is a highly sought out producer.


YouTube[/caption]I hope we can see them on some kind of tour but until then we will just have to wait for a new album and jam what we have.

When we get more details concerning the new album we will let you know!

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