Every parent worries about getting that dreaded phone call from the school that their child has been suspended. Regardless of whether it's for fighting, skipping school, not turning in assignments, or sharing breath mints with friends during lunch.

No, I am not kidding, four teens from Pekin Community High School, in Perkin, Illinois, where suspended and forbidden to attend homecoming activities after a school employee caught one of the boys passing around mints to three other boys during lunch and mistook the candy for drugs.

Parents were called, the boys were questioned and the breath mints in question we're sent to a lab to determine if they were indeed breath mints or drugs.

It turns out the offending  mints were not regular breath mints but energy breath mints, mints with caffeine  in them, think Red Bull only in a mint.

Now the parents want answers as to why the school allows students to drink energy drinks, soda, and even sell coffee at the school to students; and there sons have been suspended for eating breath mints that contained caffeine that are sold at convenience stores and grocery stores nation wide.

Sounds to me like a case of adults at the school standing their ground rather than admitting they made a mistake.