big purple party

2014 Big Purple Party – Skidrow Pics – Wood’s Eye View
This is the 4th set of photos from the 2014 KFMX Big Purple Party on May 25, at the Lone Star Amphitheater and Pavilion. This set covers the Skidrow performance along with photos from before and after their show. Skidrow is a favorite band from my past, and if the crowd was any indication, they are …
Lame Loser Alert And Thank You To The Rest Of You
It's amazing what we have to go through each day.  Not just us at FMX, but all of us.  Some people just wake up with a giant stick up their rears and have to take it out on anyone else.  We made people VERY happy with our announcement of three pretty awesome shows at the FMX Purp…
FMX Big Purple Party 2014 [PIX]
The FMX Big Purple Party is our premiere "festival type" event. We work with promoters to bring you the best mix of bands for a huge day out. We really strive to make it something for everybody.  We have tons of video and pix to share with you so let's get started!
The FMX Purple Party And Loss Of Sevendust [VIDEO]
Here's a video lowdown on what the radio station can and can't do regarding concerts, especially as it relates to the absence of Sevendust at the FMX Big Purple Party.  I have a special bonus for you, in the video I reveal the names of some of the bands that are supposed to be at the …

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