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How Much Patrick Mahomes Love Is TOO Much? [Watch]
This is how much is too much.
This exact amount.
This level of... love.
For those who don't recognize the tune, here's Kenny Chesney and his song about his girlfriend liking his "tractor".
It's a good effort, but let's put that effort into other things...
Video: Merry Christmas From 4-Year-Old Patrick Mahomes
A very Merry Christmas indeed.
The Sunday Night football crew showed a 4-year-old Patrick Mahomes singing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer ahead of the Bears-Chiefs game this Sunday night. The final was 26-3 in favor of the Chiefs who move to 11-4 on the season with one game remaining...
Patrick Mahomes Remembers that the Bears Traded Up For Trubisky
Great players in sports always have one thing in common. It's not that they all have a freakish level of talent or that they all have relentless dedication. It's not that they worked harder or ate better or anything physical. Nope. The one thing that all elite players do like nobody else i…
Matt Wells Welcomes 19 Red Raiders on Early Signing Day
Texas Tech's coaching staff has completed it's first full class and it seems like a good one. So far, 18 of the 20 commits have signed this morning and the Michigan State transfer as well.
That's 19 players in the early class. Now, Texas Tech has a chance to lock in their needs and foc…
The Texas Tech Football All-Decade Team: The Offense
A polarizing decade for Texas Tech football has come to an end. It's not the worst decade in program history, but five losing seasons in just 10 attempts is a poor showing for the talented individuals that donned the scarlet and black. To honor those individuals we're putting together…

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