When Cheech & Chong recorded "Santa Claus & His Old Lady" in 1971 people weren't making videos. Back in the day you just had to let your mind imagine the duo doing the bit while you stared at the album cover or something. A few years back, someone tried to add just a little life to the skit and pipe the audio into some "talking Douglas fir trees". The result is, well kind of okay. I think you'll still listen to the whole bit, because the novelty of watching the trees wears thing pretty quick. More after the jump.

Santa Claus & His Old Lady is probably the only Xmas classic with drug references ("magic dust") .  Even when I used to listen to this as a little kid I knew these guys were high.  So here we are in 2012, and I get to say something to you that I thought I would never say, "here's two trees doing Cheech and Chong".