My girlfriend's daughter was getting ready for the prom the other night and it got me to to thinking.

Okay, mom and dad I know your son is the perfect little angel, but here's ten helpful hints you might want to pass along before the "Big Night". This is the G-rated version!!

Ten things not to tell your date on prom night...

10- Is THAT what you are wearing? Was it on the ½ price rack????

9- You know, you are lucky to be going with ME to my prom!!

8- Did you see that babe over there checking me out?

7- You know- I was thinking- I saw your mom earlier this evening and I PRAY you do not grow up to look ANYTHING like HER!

6- “You look groovy/shagedelic” or anything else that archaic or outdated. (Or “At least you look better than you usually do!)

5- Is that thing on your forehead a pimple or are you posing as a unicorn?

4 – Ohh my- have “we” put on a few pounds? (said while pinching her tummy)

3- Please-Please- PLEASE tell me that is a wig and your REAL hair is under there!!!

2- Hey sweetie- it seems that I forgot my wallet- can you pay for the dinner and I will get back to you on that???

And the number one thing NOT to say to her on Prom night is…..
Drum roll please!

1- Ummm…… What’s your name again??????

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