Eric Escamilla wants residents of Big Spring, Texas to know there is a blessing nearby if they need one. That's why he built what he calls the 'Blessing Box', and it stands along 15th street in Big Spring.

Escamilla says, "If you want 2017 to be the best year of your life, do something good for someone else".

Eric has placed a locker full of food out for anyone who might need it.

Eric hopes that people will see what he is doing and that it will inspire them to turn thoughts of helping others into action. He wants to build ten blessing boxes and keep them stocked all over town by asking residents to drop off items they don't need so that others might take them out of the box.

Non-perishable food items as well as soap and shampoo are all needed. They can be dropped off at 15th and Scurry in Big Spring. Eric is available via Facebook to help with your donations. Thank you Eric for all you are doing for your community!

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