A Fort Worth Goodwill employee is getting over the shock of finding an Albino Python clinging to the side of a clothing donation bin.

The snake was coiled up in a pile of clothes when found at the clothing center in a bin which contained a variety of items. The manager of the location, James Murphy, told the media he isn't sure if the snake was accidentally placed into the donation bin or if the surprise was done on purpose.

They can't seem to pin down which of the 40 Goodwill drop off centers the snake landed in before being transported to the Fort Worth sorting center, but the staff says they will take care of Sir Hiss until the owner shows up or a new home can be found.

The employee who found the snake, Tassy Rogers, wasn't sure if the snake was real or not until it stuck its tongue out at her. The python ended up being about 3 feet long according to the Star-Telegram.


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