Update #2: The Lubbock Police Department announced late Wednesday night (November 11th) that Brandon Bouyer-Randle was cleared of the charges against him. Texas Tech Athletics issued a statement shortly thereafter saying he was back on the team. [More info]

Update: A day after Bouyer-Randle's arrest, news came out that corrected the original charge. [More info]

Original story: After the Red Raiders lost to TCU yesterday afternoon, the football team returned to Lubbock.

At some point after their return, Texas Tech football linebacker Brandon Bouyer-Randle, 23, was booked into the Lubbock County Detention center at about 8:30 a.m. Sunday morning (November 8th) on a state felony charge of evading in a watercraft.

Yes, you read that right. Evading in a watercraft.

Lubbock County Jail
Lubbock County Jail

Certainly not a common crime in Lubbock, but allegedly, Bouyer-Randle was on a body of water early this morning and evaded whoever was trying to get to him. It's certainly not clear at this moment what led up to Bouyer-Randle's arrest.

On the field, this season Bouyer-Randle has added 31 tackles and one sack. That's the best production of his collegiate career, which started at Michigan State.

Texas Tech Athletics responded to the story of Bouyer-Randle being arrested by releasing this statement just before 11 a.m.: “We are aware of an incident that occurred earlier this morning involving a member of our football program. At this time, we are continuing to gather facts regarding the matter and will handle any discipline consistent with the Texas Tech student-athlete code of conduct.”

The Wells-led football team has handled previous matters involving the police internally with no outward punishment. Most recently, that was a street racing incident involving SaRodorick Thompson and Caden Leggett.

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