As I sit here and reflect on the events of the past several months and the outcome of the recent presidential election, my thoughts turn toward the men and women who have (and are) served our great nation.

As we check our Facebook's these days (from the comfort of our homes) we are bombarded with people who are angry about the election.

Riots, threats to secede, and threats of leaving the country altogether are about all you see.

What we seem to be forgetting is we really have no business complaining.

The men and women who have and are currently fighting for our freedom and our rights may not agree with the outcome of the election but they don't have time to complain, why, because they have a job to do and regardless of who is in charge these men and women took an oath to stand behind our president and protect you and me and our families.

Looking at it from that point of view I begin to realize that what is important right now is that we come together and we buckle down and do what we need to keep our nations strong.

And the first way to do that is to support and honor the men and women who have answered the call that allows us to complain about how bad we have it.

Next time you want to complain, find a veteran and thank him or her First for giving you that right.

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