America's first high-speed rail Bullet Train now has two companies ready to start building. They just need to find the $12 billion to fund it first. No biggie.

It's sad that America, one of earth's largest countries, still doesn't have a good fast train system. High-speed rail helps make long distance travel easier and cheaper for a lot of people. I was totally stoked when I heard the first line was ready to be built and that they were building it right here in Texas.

I don't see myself having much need to go from Dallas to Houston currently, but I would totally ride this train back and forth just to have done it. Over 200mph on a train that makes the 4 and 1/2 hour drive only take 90 minutes one way? Hell yeah! $12 billion? There are plenty of people in Texas who would pony up for this. Are the Koch brothers around?


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