With all this rain that has been dumped on us here in West Texas it is time to take defense against Mosquitoes.

First of all you need to empty any standing water that has gathered around your house, either in a bucket or in the kids play area, the Mosquitoes will gather there and thrive.

There are several DIY home remedies that don't include chemicals which I know that will appeal to most.

I have asked several people about how they control the mosquitoes and most will put chives around their house as well as use a mixture of garlic water in a spray bottle to use when you are at home when it is convenient.

You also want to take down any tall grass that has grown up around your properity. When you think about the water that you have emptied, you might miss the tall grass that has grown up and is still wet at the bottom. That is a bad day when you come up on a bed of mosquitoes when you kick through some tall grass.

Of course you can always head to the local store to see the endless supply of insect spray and what not, and that isn't a bad thing. Find what works best for you and take the precautions needed.

The city usually will make rounds around the neighborhoods to fog and help control the mosquitoes as well.

Doing what you can is the best start to fighting off the mosquitoes that will be here very soon and by taking some simple steps you can get a head start on not getting all tore up this Summer.


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