As I was scrolling through my Facebook, I came across this link with a warning and as mentioned this is one of the worst things I have ever listened to.

If you are not familiar with Auto-Tune to break it down quickly it is a tool used in the studio during the recording process to cover up and match pitch to some of the vocalists missed on some notes. This is used by just about any pop artist when it comes to making that "perfect" song.

I bet someone in the Britney Spears camp is in a whole lot of trouble when the really track for her song "Alien" was leaked to the internet, not a big deal right? Well this track was released auto-tune free.

Now in Britney's defense she has never claimed to be an amazing but this is just a little crazy for me when you listen to the auto-tune free version and then you listen to the cleaned up auto-tune version.

If you can bare it then checkout both tracks and if you want to sing like Brit-Brit then I'm sure you can download a auto-tune app or something.

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