UPDATE: The Offspring have now released a music video for "We Never Have Sex Anymore" starring a pair of chimps, pole dancers and actor John Stamos. Watch it down toward the bottom of this post.

The Offspring will soon be issuing their first album in nearly a decade, and listeners are getting a better idea of what Let the Bad Times Roll will sound like when it arrives on April 16 with "We Never Have Sex Anymore."

That’s because, unlike the more straight-ahead alt-rock title track from the upcoming LP, "We Never Have Sex Anymore" shows The Offspring take some creative chances deeper into the tracklist. The new tune — yes, it's about not having sex with one's significant other — contains so many horns that it sounds like singer Dexter Holland is fronting the Cherry Poppin' Daddies.

With that prominent brass section, "We Never Have Sex Anymore" struts in a way that recalls the sunny ska and swing revivals of the '90s. (Besides the lyrics dismayed over intercourse, the number also comes across as toe-tappingly upbeat.) What better sound to mine for The Offspring, the low "Self Esteem" punks who were ubiquitous on every rock lover's car radio dial?

It’s time to Let the Bad Times Roll. In just over a week, The Offspring's discography will get a long-overdue update. Looks like a lack of sex won't stop the rocking.

The Offspring, "We Never Have Sex Anymore" Lyrics

We never have sex anymore
We never roll around on the floor
Like we did so long ago
You never yell at me anymore
You never want to even the score
Like you did so long ago
But you're still with me
So I guess I'm not complaining and
You always leave my dinner on the stove

Baby please!
If you won't love me, will you hate me?
If you won't violate me
Well, will you just at least aggravate me?
Baby please! (We never have sex anymore!)
It feels like war under the covers
One way or the other is what I say
Hey, hey, hey

We never have sex anymore
We never make love to our song
Like we did so long ago
We never have emotional strife
You never even threaten my life
Like you did so long ago
But I'm just doing me
So I guess am not complaining and
You let me drive your car when you're not home

We use to do it constantly
We use to have a ball
We use to do it everywhere
Now we never do it at all

The Offspring, "We Never Have Sex Anymore"

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