Chachi is the drummer for PopEvil and he is one badass mother behind the kit.  He's also a very funny guy.  Well after a few cross-country tours, Chachi is living the dream and about to take off as part of the giant "Trespass America" concert with Five Finger Death Punch, Killswitch Engage and others.  We talked to Chachi about the big tour and new movie releases.  Click through for the fun.

Chachi sounds pretty upbeat for a drummer who's been woken up so early in the morning.  We kind of expected him to sound a little beat down, but he's ready to rock and ready for the giant "Trespass America" tour.  We talk tour and as we are prone to do, talk nonsense as well with Chachi.  Check it out:

Here's a little bonus "Monster you Made" from the boys.  Chachi is, once again, on drums.