I found this video on Facebook, naturally. So I'm sharing it with you. It's called the Swedish "Flogsta" scream, and yes, it's a real thing.

According to Wikipedia, the Flogsta Scream is from the town of Flogsta and the University there:

Every evening at approximately 10 p.m., the "Flogsta scream" (Flogstavrålet in Swedish) may be heard, when students individually or collectively let out screams and howls from windows, balconies and roof tops. According to Uppsala University, the collective screaming acts as "a much needed safety valve" and "a cry of angst" for students stressed by the demands of university life.

I thought it would be cool to start a new Texas Tech dorm tradition before football games or something. Watch the video and see if it looks like something Tech students would do. I'm pretty sure it's a yes.

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