There's a current trend of misogynistic men deciding that they need to buy a microphone and create a podcast in order to share their sexist views with the world.

They're self-proclaimed "alpha men" who believe that men can never do wrong and women are always the problem. Fortunately, there are thousands of women online that are tired of these men’s shenanigans and have decided to push back.

Due to the fact these men aren't capable of listening to a woman's perspective or accepting that their own views might be incorrect, the way these women have been pushing back is by making videos mocking the podcasters. They do a fantastic job of showing how silly these men sound and it's absolutely hilarious.

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Most of the topics these podcasters cover have to do with wanting unflawed, subservient women who have never slept with anyone but will still give in to their man’s every desire. They're constantly using terms like "alpha male" and calling themselves "high-value men" in order to show some sort of power and importance over women. They tend to have extreme double standards because they want perfect, loyal ladies, but they think it's fine for them to be flawed and let their eyes wander because they say it’s just part of a "man's nature."

I know some of you reading this might doubt that there are actually men out there publicly sharing such misogynistic views, so I have a few videos to show you.

Warning: Some videos contain NSFW language

Now that you’ve seen the men that are saying these terrible things, let’s get into the women that are making fun of these podcasters.

Warning: Some videos contain NSFW language

Because of all the people who still see nothing wrong with what these men are saying, some women have even made videos showing just how hypocritical these men sound by making parodies of their podcasts. These parodies are based on if women made these same kinds of remarks about men, showing just how silly it sounds.

I understand that everyone has their opinion, but just like being racist or homophobic, it's unacceptable to be misogynistic. The way these men try to claim their hateful views toward women are just "preferences" is sad. These are the same men who would go off on a woman if she commented on them being short or balding.

I know that not all men are like this and I'm not trying to say they are, but there's a scary number of guys out there who agree with these views, and that's not okay.

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