Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman Jared Leto performed a unique medley during a BBC Radio 1 session. In under four minutes, Leto wove together classic tracks from Linkin Park, Soundgarden, David Bowie, Prince and George Michael to honor the talented musicians we’ve recently lost.

At this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, Leto paid tribute to Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, both of whom we lost to suicide this year. After delivering a beautiful speech, Leto introduced a clip of Linkin Park performing “Catalyst” at the 2010 VMAs, but MTV only aired a tiny portion of it before going to commercial. While Leto was praised for his speech, MTV's decision to cut the Linkin Park performance clip short led to a huge amount of backlash from fans, who cited the move as blatantly disrespectful.

With his tribute on BBC Radio 1, Leto didn’t have to worry about cutaways, so he was able to perform the five-song medley with the certainty that it would be shown in full. The musician / actor began his mashup with Prince’s iconic “Purple Rain,” adding a six-person choir who provided extra soul to the entire sonic tapestry. Seamlessly, Leto led the band into a rapturous portion of David Bowie’s “Heroes.”

Instead of just jumping from one song to another, Leto kept a revolving mix of “Purple Rain,” “Heroes” and George Michael’s “Freedom” for the majority of his performance. During the final moments, Leto combined Linkin Park’s “Crawling” and Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” for a heart-wrenching conclusion.

This was a truly special performance, so hats off to Jared Leto and his group of musicians for this incredible medley. Watch it for yourself in the clip above.

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