A horrible turn of events in Midland on Thursday claimed the lives of four veterans and left 20 others injured during the Hunt for Heroes Parade. A flat bed trailer carrying veterans and their spouses was hit by a train near 5pm.

Townsquare Media stations in Midland have set up a Townsquare Cares fund to help raise money for the victims of Thursday's tragedy. You can donate to the Townsquare Cares fundraiser by visiting any of the seven locations of Complex Community Federal Credit Unions in the Midland area.

You can also donate to the Townsquare Cares fund for Midland by coming our station here inside the Copy Craft building at 82nd and Quaker. All money raised through Lubbock will be sent to those in need of the Midland tragedy. Our hours of operation are 9-5.

Any donation you can make will go a long way to those in need.

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