Geez, can kids just be kids anymore? Do we have to raise them in a bubble, or a isolation chamber?  There's a group of teachers out there who'd like nothing more than to tell you what your kids shouldn't play with.

When I was a kid, you know what our favorite toy was?  KNIVES.  I'm not kidding, knives.  An old wrestler down the street taught us how to play "mumbety peg," which as you may or may not know is played best with a two to three bladed knife.  We constantly had cuts on our fingers and puncture wounds on our feet. We also had another game where we stood with our legs apart and we threw screwdrivers between each others feet, and each time you had to move your feet closer together.

These days there are too many groups of "concerned citizens" what want to read to much into what your kids doing. Personally, I think if they're not playing with dangerous weapons they are one step about where I was. Here's the story:


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