Engaged couple Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian let the PDA fly at a recent wedding they attended. And the internet shaming wasn't far behind.

From a video shared by Instagram account @girlwithnojob, pictures show Kourtney straddling Travis in a black dress.  Travis, in a tux, is sitting down whilst she grindeth uponst him. The music playing is Blink-182's "All The Small Things."

credit instagram girlwithnojob

Then everyone suddenly became a self proclaimed expert on wedding reception etiquette.

credit instagram girlwithnojob

A reddit thread entitled "Naurrr not at the wedding" flamed the couple's behavior with comments like "This... Is too far so embarrassing for her life and her soul" and "Oh no, why is she dry humping him in public let alone at someone’s wedding?" and "Cringe af."

Really, Karens?

Honestly, this seems like relatively tame behavior for a newly-engaged couple in love.  Most people have either seen worse or committed worse wedding etiquette crimes in their lifetimes.  Let he/she who hasn't danced a whole song with a boob-popped-out-of-their-dress/sloppily-made-out-with-a-bridesmaid/slumped-over-passed-out-in-a-reception-chair cast the first stone.

credit reddit naurrrr not at the wedding thread
credit reddit naurrrr not at the wedding thread

Get lives, please.

Barker has been effusive about his new love in public, for sure.  He opened up about how "natural" their relationship was on the Drew Barrymore Show earlier in the year, he got Kourtney's name tattooed on his chest, and seems to have accepted the twitter-dubbing of the two as "Kravis."

Here's to the internet finding something better to do.

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