Trivium are purchasing an airplane hangar to convert into a headquarters for the Matt Heafy-led metal band.

The group is buying the structure with help from the funds generated from their livestream concert last month. Ideally, Trivium's new HQ will eventually include rehearsal space, a recording studio and a performance area. That's what Heafy tells Rock Sound in a video interview that emerged Monday (Aug. 3).

The band's need for a dedicated home base is overdue, as the frontman notes they've been "renting at a pretty sketchy place" to rehearse. When outlining his plans for the airplane hangar in Orlando, Fla., the hometown Trivium depot brings to mind that of Metallica's compound in San Francisco.

"The hangar we're getting is huge," Heafy says, as reported by Blabbermouth. "The first step, we'll build in and enclose in a section of it where we're able to rehearse in there, and it's an all-in-one spot. And then we'll gradually build downwards, build a recording studio below that, and then we'll build outwards."

The Trivium bandleader continues, "We'd eventually have it fully equipped. Then hopefully things keep progressing, even despite whatever the fates might be throwing at us, that we can turn it into where there's full cameras set up, there's [a] full soundboard, everything is ready to go. … We can do the full event from there."

Interestingly, the outfit is dealing with family when it comes to acquiring the property. Heafy says Trivium are working with relatives of his wife, Ashley, who currently own the hangar. But while the deal isn't final yet, it certainly seems like a lock for the band that released their latest album What the Dead Men Say in April.

"We're very close now," Heafy adds. "It's not complete. It's not the size of a commercial plane — it's not the Iron Maiden-size hangar like that; it's more modest than that. But it's good that we're able to keep it all in the family; we're actually able to support our family, so Trivium can buy from them."

Earlier this year, Trivium released What The Dead Men Say, their ninth studio album, but have been unable to tour behind the release due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Trivium's Matt Heafy Talks to Rock Sound - Aug. 3, 2020

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