A plane has to be the absolute worst place to get in a fight.

My case in point: these two guys who started throwing down over a reclined seat on a flight from New Orleans to Austin. According to Fox San Antonio, the two came to blows immediately after the seatbelt sign was turned off.

I gotta hand it to them for actually backing up their words, rather than just running their mouths and then doing the old cut and run, because apparently, they had been jawing at each other for a while due to a seat being stuck in the reclined position.

But, the lack of maneuverability made for a mostly one-sided fight. Once the one guy got the other dude bent over the seat, he was pretty much powerless. At that point, the guy bent over the seat was on the receiving end of a barrage of punches.

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Even once he was able to get upright, he appeared to be dazed and ended up taking a few more shots from the other guy.

The biggest issue I have is that an innocent bystander could’ve easily been hurt in the fight (if they actually weren’t – it’s hard to tell). That’s why you always hear people telling a couple of hot heads to take it outside when tempers start to flare and a brawl appears imminent.

While it’s not clear as to whether or not the two guys were arrested, the two were detained by police at the Austin airport.

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