Rock stars lives don't entirely center on their music, just like us, they have passions and hobbies outside of their main careers. Many of these hobbies you wouldn't expect from these high-profile and "cool" musicians.  Sure, some are mundane, but others are downright strange and unusual.

What metal drummer has a creepy obsession with clowns? Which uber-producer has won hundreds of thousands of dollars in poker? Which alt-rock hero loves to knit? Dungeons & Dragons, trout farming, beekeeping and mammoth pumpkin growing, are all included included in this list. And maybe the musician in the biggest band of all time has the most, uh, let's call it "mature" hobby ever.

Perhaps you've got a hobby-in-common with one of these famous people. Read on to explore the Unusual Hobbies of Rock Stars.

The Unusual Hobbies of Rock Stars

When they're not creating songs, you won't believe how some of these musicians spend their time. See what unusual hobbies your favorite rock stars have below.

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