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On November 7th, 2021, a Temple, Texas resident identified as Amanda Martinez was captured on video throwing hot soup in the face of a restaurant manager, known as Nelly on TikTok.

Martinez came into the restaurant claiming that the soup she bought was so hot that it melted the lid of her to-go container. After a refund or exchange was offered by Nelly, Martinez decided to throw the spicy soup into the manager’s face. Thankfully, the soup wasn't hot enough by then to cause serious damage to her, and the incident was captured by security cameras. Nelly promptly called the Temple police to file a report.

After analyzing the footage, Martinez was identified by Temple police. According to Rebel HQ, the class C misdemeanor filed to a local court was dismissed. However, KCEN-TV reported this weekend that she could still face more serious charges. Charges for assault are common when involving hot drinks or food, like the soup, but unless the contents are hot enough to cause injury, the charges are often dismissed.

In this case, although the soup was initially hot enough to melt the to-go lid, by the time Martinez returned to the restaurant with the soup and it was thrown into Nelly’s face, it was not hot enough to cause any burns. Nelly did however suffer eye pain and a nosebleed due to the spices in the soup.

Even though Martinez’s charges were dropped, the fact that the security footage went viral on TikTok led to Martinez being shamed online. This caused her to delete all of her social media in order to avoid the backlash she was receiving.

We can only hope that she learned her lesson and will not continue to think that assaulting someone is the way to solve her problems.

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