More and more people are using 3rd party delivery services to order food straight to their homes instead of picking it up themselves. Not only is it super convenient, but you are also less likely to contract COVID-19 from someone if you're staying at home and away from others.


Have you ever thought your order looked a little on the light side? Maybe your large order of fries looked a bit short? Have you ever just not received your order at all? You could be onto something if you have ever questioned whether or not some if not all of your order was eaten before it got to you.

A DoorDash driver posted a TikTok of themselves allegedly eating a customer's order because they only left a $4 tip because they had to drive 30 minutes to pick up the order. They claim that they got away with it by telling DoorDash Support that they never received the order. DailyDot came across this video that has not yet gone viral, but it looks as though it might. (Update: the video has been removed).


Yes, tipping is important. We should all know that by now. But it's also worth remembering that employees are not obligated to pick up and deliver meals that are far away from them or less lucrative. This clip posted by @saniahduh shows how a DoorDasher can seemingly get away with eating the food you have ordered, simply by claiming to have never received it.

It seems like we're coming across more and more 3rd party delivery drivers exposing the uncomfortable truth that they aren't all trustworthy individuals when it comes to handling our food. I've personally received some questionable deliveries when using various services such as these.

Do you still trust them? Comment below or on our Facebook page if you think you might have been victim to a delivery driver tampering with or eating your meal. We're curious to know if anyone in Lubbock has had a less than savory experience with delivery services in our area.

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