Moviegoers at a showing of the new Batman movie were visited by a real-life bat flying around the theater.

The general manager of Moviehouse & Eatery, located in northwest Austin, chalked it up to being a prank by an audience member.

Animal control was contacted immediately to tend to the situation, and while refunds were offered to customers the majority of the crowd is said to have stayed and finished the film "bat and all," according to an article published by KXAN. The video was filmed by theater patron Breann Wharton.

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Who can blame them for wanting to stay and finish the movie? Honest, I bet that bat was probably getting a kick out of the movie, too! Who knows? Maybe the little guy snuck in to watch his hero on the big screen.

The bats living under the Congress Avenue bridge in Austin are one of the city's greatest attractions. Every night from mid-march to early November, people gather at the bridge to watch the bats head out looking for a quick bite. It's truly something to see and when you are there for your next visit, make sure you check it out. You can watch them from below the bridge or on top of it, depending on which view you'd like. Just arrive before sunset for that sweet action.

I imagine the little bat used in this prank was taken back to his home under the bridge to tell the tale of how awesome the new Batman movie is to all of his batty little friends.

Stay weird, Austin!

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