Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we have two of the absolute worst music videos/songs I've ever experienced going face to face in a match-up and I want you to tell me which is worse.

In one corner, you have Attack Attack! hailing from Columbus, Ohio, providing perhaps the band's biggest song "Stick Stickly" and the possible start of a new music genre: Crabcore. (see music video).

In the other corner...well, there's Falling In Reverse. Now, obviously, we had these guys at the Big Purple Party and people loved them, but let's be honest here, this new song "Alone" isn't something that falls under the "credible" category. Ronnie Radke's outlook and the rest of the band's have obviously drifted far apart and now we have this lovely abomination of a tune accompanied by cliche music video.

So here we go folks! Who's it gonna be? Attack Attack! with "Stick Stickly" or Falling In Reverse with "Alone"?

Let me know which one YOU think is worse below.