Have you ever wondered what goes on in your Uber driver's car when you aren't in it? It's probably for the best that you don't find out.

A TikToker shared a video of the moment they noticed that their Uber driver had paused a dirty video before picking them up.

It never occurred to me that there were people out there that watched porn while they were driving around in their car. Maybe the bad drivers in Lubbock are all just busy staring at boobies. Who knows?

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The comments below the TikTok that's now been viewed over 4 million times are the best part. Here are a few of my favorites:

"Lmao not the cross necklace"

"Should have asked him to hit play on his music"

'It's 9:18 in the morning"

"Once he dropped me off I would've said "I'll let you finish your business"

"Only in Vegas. These Uber drivers out here are something else."

"Did he try to shake your hand afterward?"

"It was worth pausing for. Just watch it."

"He's the driver, but he's the one looking for the ride."

"Looked it up to make sure it's not a rap song. Yeah... It's not a rap song. STRAIGHT TO JAIL."

Oh man, I could go on all day. There are too many hilarious little zingers on there to count. I wonder if the video will ever get back to the driver or if he will ever know that the internet essentially just caught him with his pants down.

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