Each member of Pantera has left an indelible mark on modern heavy metal. Dimebag Darrell's rhythmic intensity still prevails nearly 30 years after the release of the groundbreaking Cowboys From Hell. Philip Anselmo helped usher harsher vocal styles into mainstream acceptance. Rex Brown's punchy bass lines were played with immense precision, qualities echoed today. Vinnie Paul, meanwhile, overhauled metal drumming completely in the '90s, placing emphasis on groove above all else. He was the force that powered barreling grooves with a tumultuous cavalcade of thundering tom fills and lung-flattening kick drums; the engine behind the arguably the heaviest and tightest live band in metal's history.

His legacy extends far beyond Pantera, to Damageplan, which was tragically cut short when Dime was murdered onstage in 2004. Vinnie, Dime and Rex partnered with country singer David Allen Coe for Rebel Meets Rebel; the three Pantera bandmates even paid tribute to their home state heroes with a ZZ Top cover under the moniker Tres Diablos. Then there's Hellyeah, which found Big Vin returning to music after the loss of his brother and still more.

These songs, famous and otherwise, all demonstrate Vinnie Paul's unique abilities, pioneering vision and diversity. Scroll through the gallery below to see our selections and follow the corresponding playlist on Spotify.

Vinnie Paul's Best Songs: Pantera and Beyond

Vinnie Paul: Pantera and Beyond Playlist

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