By now I am sure everyone is familiar with one of the most amusing sites on the Internet today, yes folks I am talking about (just in case you are one of the few that has not had the "pleasure?" of visiting this site.

My guess is anyone who has ever visited any one of the thousands of stores can, and will tell you stories of their adventures while shopping. I myself can think of several instances where we were have seen some very disturbing things (I'm not just talking outfits here either folks).

That being said, this poor woman from Eugene, Oregon apparently needed a few things from her local discount store, and decided since it was so hot she would wear her swimsuit into the store, not like wearing a swimsuit to Wal-Mart has NEVER been done before, right? Remember the video I posted about a month ago of the booty shake dance .... what did those booty shaking women have on??? Oh, that's right BIKINI TOPS!

I'm not real sure what the difference is in this lady wearing her swimsuit while she was there actually shopping and those booty shaking girls who were there to make a video is but apparently there IS a difference.

Sandy McMillin, the lady whojust wanted to shop, reported she was only in the store a few minutes before she was approached by an employee and told she would need to put on a shirt or leave. When Ms. McMillin refused she stated she was escorted out of the store.

Now, to be fair the spokes person for the store did get to comment as well, she stated that Ms. McMillin was never "escorted out of the store" (does that mean they just walked her to the doors and said leave??) and that McMillin was verbally abusive to other people during the incident.

Come on now, who among us wouldn't be ticked off if we needed some vegtable oil and cucumbers and got tossed from our local Wal-Mart before we could make our purchase just because we had on a bikini top?