Spooky, edifying, fascinating, funny and satisfying. Who could have thought one Tiktok account could do it all?

The Baker Hotel and Spa's TikTok page entertains on all these levels, while also documenting the resurrection of a beautiful and historical Texas landmark. Although the hotel's history dates back to 1929, we're invited to witness and participate in its journey into the future.

The Baker Hotel and Spa in Mineral Wells, Texas was built by hotel tycoon T.B. Baker and architect Wyatt C. Hendrick. The hotel serviced folks who flocked to Mineral Wells for its mineral water, purported to contain healing properties. In spite of opening in the financially cursed year of 1929, the hotel thrived during the early 1930s with famous and infamous guests alike. It sported amenities enviable even today, like a hydraulic system that delivered ice water into guests' rooms.

Over the years, the hotel endured ups and down until it shuttered its doors in 1972. It wasn't until 2019 that restoration plans began in earnest, with an anticipated opening date in 2024. It's that restoration that's the current subject of thebakerhotelandspa TikTok account.

From viewing these short and sometimes silly videos that I can tell what extreme care and heart is going into this restoration, and how much of the original hotel's fixtures, flooring and more is being salvaged, repaired and even repurposed.

From Texas Monthly:

Things that can’t be reused, like questionable spa equipment, will find a home in the planned hotel museum or be given a new purpose altogether. Worn-out hardwood floors from Mr. Baker’s suite are destined to become picture frames; broken glass from the rose-colored mirrors in the Brazos Club will become a pink disco ball for special events. He’s even found a way to preserve some of the graffiti that adorned the walls in the form of a coffee-table book.

The hotel, which admittedly looks rather spooky in places, has been highlighted by paranormal television shows like Ghost Adventures and Celebrity Ghost Encounters. Legend has it that the 11th floor of the hotel still smells of T.B. Baker's cigar smoke, and that the ghost of his mistress still wanders the halls. I hope to see her for myself once this grand beauty of a building is finished with her facelift.

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