Seeing what music-based reality show contestants choose around the globe to perform is always pretty wild. Today is no different, as singer Milena Tsanova delivered an incredible version of Bring Me the Horizon's "Can You Feel My Heart" on The Voice of Bulgaria.

The version Tsanova starts out is a lot different than the group's original, beginning as a soulful kind of number. But then things kick into overdrive when the song really amps up, and Tsanova's voice hits its peak on the chorus "Can you feel my heart?" The judges are unanimously impressed, each slamming their buzzer to see Tsanova deliver the song as best she can.

If it wasn't enough to earn the judges' approval, none other than Oli Sykes himself took to Twitter to praise the young singer, tweeting, "Feelssss if only I could sing this good" and linking off to the video. Nothing better than impressing the originator of the song himself!

In a recent interview, Bring Me the Horizon stated they wouldn't be going the pop route on their next record. It's a sigh of relief from some fans, who may have felt their most recent album That's The Spirit wasn't as heavy as they wanted. Regardless of fan reaction to the band's change in sound over the last few years, Tsanova's performance of "Can You Feel My Heart?" really shows off the killer songwriting that went into their 2013 slam dunk of a record Sempiternal. The album did a lot in elevating BMTH's music, and the cycle seems to continue, helping Tsanova elevate her singing career in Bulgaria.

Check out the video above!

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