Wayne Static, of Static-X fame, is finding success with his recent solo album, Pighammer. Pighammer, which was released on October 4th, has all the makings of a big time rock album, but with the familiarity of one of Static’s past records. He has a sound and show that’s unique to the world of rock and his solo venture promises to continue his streak of great music.

Pighammer, with its familiar sounding songs, does stand out from a traditional Static X album. The album is years in the making and brings real pain and real life into the lyrics of the songs. Many songs, including a track titled “Around The Turn,” deal with Static’s life specifically. The new lyrics and sound to the albums could be attributed to Static’s marriage to wife, Tera, and the way she’s turned him around.

“She gives me a little inspiration here and there, all in good ways. Anything that’s going on in your life is what you write about when you’re writing music.”

Static has been touring hard for his new album, Pighammer. Static and crew have been all over the United States including stops in the east, along the west coast and throughout the Midwest. Static mentioned to this writer that there are big differences in a crowd from state to state. A certain crowd did stand out to Wayne in talking about the tour.

“Texas is one area where people tend to be a little more insane. But that’s a good thing for the show because I like everyone to be high energy and crazy. Anywhere in the Midwest and Texas is always awesome.”

Static stopped in Lubbock to do a show at Wrecker’s on October 6th. The crowd fed off the energy of Static on stage and made it a special night in the Hub City.

Static will continue to tour throughout the rest of 2011and on into 2012. Though the road is long and the tour presses on, Wayne still finds himself enjoying his down time working on his new house in Arizona and doing what every rock star loves doing, off-roading.

“I have a bunch of trucks and just like to hit the desert. Rock crawling in particular, it’s the most fun you can have going one mile an hour over huge boulders.”

The rock star life, the perfect wife, the new home and new album are a lot for Static to handle. Though he makes it look easy, there are always ways it can be even simpler than that. Maybe Static could use a superpower to make his days easier. His superpower was one that is shared by South Park’s favorite fat boy.

“All I can think of is Cartman from South Park when he said, ­‘I have the power to have any power I want.’”

Though he can’t really have any power he want, life is still super for Wayne Static. The new album, Pighammer, was well worth the wait and this writer is already looking forward to her next Wayne Static show. Do yourself the favor of picking up Pighammer today.

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