Joe “Milo” Snedeker of WNEP-TV in Scranton, Pennsylvania and his wacky weatherman routine took a turn for the completely bonkers when he appeared to suffer some sort of nervous breakdown during a recent weather report.

The first clue that we have a problem is probably the hat. Then Snedeker chastised — in an exasperated, sing-songy voice to cover up his simmering rage — those viewers who have criticized him for saying that he dislikes the snow and only likes warm weather.

And since he was on the subject of his preferences, Snedeker decided it was time to reveal that he feels the same way about some of his colleagues – including one he calls out by name  – that he does about snow.

“It’s OK,” Snedeker kept saying in an almost whisper, as if to convince himself disclosing his dislike of colleagues was, in fact, acceptable or possibly he was just trying to quiet the storm brewing in his head.

Cloudy with a chance of bat-turds crazy.