One of the biggest things I dread about coming in to work on Monday is the ringing phone. Not from my listeners, but from everyone else. It’s like the phone rings non-stop. Do these people know how to use email? Shoot me a quick email and I can answer back and we’re done in 20 seconds or less. That’s so much easier than that awkward time spent trying to hang up. There are times I feel like I should say “no, you hang up first”. You remember that back in the day when it took forever just to get off the phone with your boyfriend or girlfriend, right? All that aside, there are times I wonder if the phone is the only form of communication some people use. What about you?

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good chat on the phone but when I have a ton to do in very little time, then I don’t want to waste my day trying to end a conversation that should have only been 15 seconds.

So, with all that being said. What form of communication do you use the most? Take my very scientific survey and I’ll share the results with the masses. Who knows, maybe we’ll change the way people communicate.