Tomorrow the internet will be flooded with all kinds stories and live footage regarding the memory of Dimebag Darrell. Tonight at 9 we celebrate and continue to share the music that Dimebag Darrell created and the thumbprint that he left on heavy music that will continue to inspire and leave his fans in awe.

Here at Lubbock's Rock Station, we never needed a "anniversary" or a reason to celebrate the music of Dimebag Darrell, but as it happens it will be 10 years tomorrow December 8th, 2004 since we lost our Brother Dime. This is my blog to explain how the legacy and all the stories of Dime helped me personally find my path in radio. Tonight at 9 Everything Goes Black celebrates the musical quake that will forever be remembered and talked about for all time, Damageplan, Rebel Meets Rebel and Pantera lead guitarist Darrell "Dimebag" Abbott.

December 8th 2004 the world of rock and roll was brought to it's knees in the worst way possible, Dimebag Darrell, Jeff "Mayhem" Thompson, Erin Halk and Nathan Bray were taken from us for reasons that we will never be able to understand.

I personally love to hear stories about Dimebag Darrell and not just from what I see on YouTube.

What made Dimebag Darrell so special in my opinion, is the way people talk about him. You can see the light in their eyes when they tell about the time they met Dime. And what separates Dimebag from everyone else is that you didn't have to be a rockstar to party with Dime. He had the knack to bring you in and make you feel like just as important as everyone else.

When I first got into radio, I was very nervous about having to introduce myself to local bands and just people in general. I didn't know how to bridge that gap to not only politic a little bit but to hear what made listeners want to listen to FMX and the music that got them through their day.

I was home one night and was in need of some serious Pantera time so I threw on 3 Vulgar Videos From Hell and was watching Dime, seeing him having fun and enjoying the fans and the music.

What I learned from Dimebag Darrell changed the way I presented myself to people and bands local or national. We are all fans of music and what better way to introduce yourself to someone than by talking about music. I figured I love Pantera and Damageplan, other people do as well, so why not take what I saw from Dimebag Darrell, someone that I admired not only for his musical talent but the love he had for everyone around him.

When I first heard that Dimebag was gone, I immediately felt sadness and hurt. As the news kept coming in the way that Dime was taken is something that I will never understand. I felt I had to honor Dime and the only way I could is by getting his trademark "Black Tooth Grin" tattoo in the same place he had his on his left shin and surrounding it with Zakk Wylde's Les Paul Bulls Eye. influence

I had a pair of camo pants that a good friend of mine had worn during his tour over seas and when he came back he gave them to me. I took them, cut them off at the knees and had me a gnarley pair of Dime shorts. It is something I wear to always be a reminder and salute to Dime's character. That he was never to good to take time and talk with someone, take a shot with them, hand them a guitar pick, sign an autograph, take a pic or whatever else he could do to go out of his way to make someone happy.

I took all of that and through my years in radio with talking to people who knew Dime or those of us that never got to meet him, we all talk about Dimebag the exact same way. At the end of the day that is what we have, stories about how he either influenced us in music or how we looked at life in general. What he left behind in this world is something very few I think can say.

Dimebag Darrell left all of us with stories, memories and good times that will be passed on through the generations of rock and roll and heavy music. If by me wearing camo shorts to show off my Black Tooth Grin Tattoo and someone noticing and asking what it is, then let's do a shot in honor of our Brother Dime.

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