A man in Cinco Ranch, Texas got a little upset with Whataburger recently so he stole their tea urn and then tweeted about it. Whatburger's response is priceless.

It all started when a man, who goes by @doyle2405 on Twitter, went to Whataburger to get his grub on. Apparently the store took a long time with his order, so he did what any level-headed dude would do - he stole the tea urn, of course.

a tweet of their own, calling out the tea urn thief.

I don't care who you are, that's some funny stuff! Well played, Whataburger.

There is no word on if the dude is going to be in trouble by the cops, or banned from going to Whataburger. It would be funny if the Cinco Ranch cops tweeted a picture of handcuffs to the him.

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