Listen up new bands, Metallica’s manager wants you! Peter Mensch, the head of Q Prime Management, has helped the likes of Metallica, AC/DC, Def Leppard, Led Zeppelin, Muse and the Red Hot Chili Peppers market their music and organize their tours and you could be his next business venture. In a new interview with BBC Radio, the manager spoke about the state of hard rock music and the music industry.

As for the hard rock genre, Mensch says he is disappointed with the newer bands that are out there. “There aren’t quality hard rock bands to keep it up,” he said. “Essentially, hard rock used to appeal to you average 15-year-old male. He had bad skin, he didn’t like his parents, girls didn’t like him and he was an angry kid. Frustration and going to concerts and lo and behold there were 10,000 other frustrated people like yourself. The problem is in hard rock, and we ask this all the time, ‘Where is the New Metallica?’ Please, anybody out there who is in a hard rock band under the age of 25 - Call me. We need you!’

Mensch went on to explain how the music industry has changed over the last 20 years. “Fewer records get sold or streamed, less money is there,” he continued. “You used to sell enough records to not go on tour. In the 90s, you used to make as much money on tour as you would selling records. Now you make one-tenth of that money on records sales or streaming. The biggest problem with the new record business is that I don’t know who the fans are. Fans are the people that will actually pay for something.” You can stream his interview with BBC Radio here.

While streaming music may not be a large income source for bands these days, in a recent chat with Billboard, Metallica's Lars Ulrich, who famously battled Napster, said he's a fan of streaming platforms like Spotify and the new Apple Music.

As for Metallica's current tour plans, the band is set to headline Lollapalooza in Chicago on Aug. 1, followed by dates in Europe, Canada and South AMerica beginning in late August.

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