So I was at the bar the other night and some buddies and I got into a discussion about our favorite singers. After some thought, here are my favorites.Without a doubt in my mind, my favorite singer of all time would have to be Robert Plant, followed closely by Corey Taylor and Miles Kennedy.

I'm a fan of Plant, not only because of Led Zeppelin, but because the man is timeless. Obviously he was part of one of the greatest bands in rock history but his solo stuff transcends what most bands can even comprehend. He also showed tremendous diversity with his work with Alison Krauss.

Corey Taylor...well, what can't be said about Corey Taylor? The dude is a straight up stud. He's got the best of both worlds when it comes to modern rock. He can scream like a beast and sing like an angel with attitude and tattoos.

Miles Kennedy is still somewhat of an "unknown" to many. Most of you have heard his songs, but many probably don't know who it is that's singing. He got a little bit of fame with the band The Mayfield Four but really hit the spotlight with Alter Bridge. He's also the cat who's doing vocals for Slash while out on the road with Ozzie. If Robert Plant had a bastard child (which he probably does...he is a rock star) then it could be Miles Kennedy.

All 3 have amazing voices and can write a hit like none other!

If I need to go further, I'd have to add Maynard James Keenan of Tool and A Perfect Circle. Rounding out my Top 5 would be the late, great Ronnie James Dio!

Who falls in your Top 3...or Top 5? Log in and let me know.