I have to make a confession, I always get a little excited when McDonald's announces that McRib is back for a limited time! I mean come on have you ever looked at what those things are made of? Nothing but... yeah, never mind what they are actually made of they still taste pretty damn good!

I get that there are those of you out there that say you will do anything for your favorite food, but I would like to think that in most cases saying such a thing is just a metaphor meaning you REALLY like whatever it is.

Like I said "in most cases..." however there seems to be at least one woman in California who offers sex for chicken McNuggets and means it!

It seems Khadijah Baseer approached a man outside the drive thru of a McDonalds in Burbank, California and offered up her "McMuffins" in exchange for a nibble of his "nuggets."

Apparently the man thought the proposal over while he ate and decided he just could not part with his "little nuggets of joy," and called the police to report her.

Lesson here ladies, if you have the munchies don't try to munch on a strangers "nuggets."