This isn't the type of passenger who should get a ride with you.

Australian Bianca Merrick was cruising along the road in her car when she spotted a huge spider in the visor over the driver's seat. So, what did she do? Why, she continued to drive. And drive. And drive some more.

Merrick wound up driving for another 20 minutes because she didn't know how to get the arachnid out of her car. Can you imagine tooling around town for 20 minutes with a huge spider mere inches from you?We can't imagine tooling around for 20 seconds, but we guess they're just a little tougher Down Under than we are here in the good ol' U.S. of A.

Merrick said the driver was staring at her the whole time, which should've made her decision to pull the heck over even easier. But there is some good news: the spider was gone the next day, no doubt scaring the bejusus of someone else.

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