Where does robbery fall in the five stages of grief?

A woman in Harrison Township, N.J. has been arrested for stealing an EMT's wallet after medical officials arrived on the scene when the woman's boyfriend was struck by a car and killed last weekend.

Brittany Carulli, 25, had been allowed to sit in the ambulance after the man died in order to mourn and avoid the bad weather. One of the EMTs later noticed her wallet, which had been in the vehicle's center console, had gone missing.

It had credit cards, debit cards and $120 in cash in it and the medic said no one else had access to the ambulance, so police interviewed Carulli, who confessed to the crime. The wallet and cards were returned, with the exception of the cash.

We all mourn in our own way, sure, but, whoa, this one is pretty out there.

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