The people who go to Yahoo! Answers to find information on masturbation are almost as inept at touching the keyboard as they are touching themselves.

Someone with a lot of free time decided to make a NSFW video reading questions about masturbation posed on Yahoo! Answers that prove two things:

  1. People have and will continue to have lots of questions about sex.
  2. People have absolutely no idea how to spell "masturbate."

The alternate spelling these inquisitive souls have come up with is alarming, if not impressive. There's "moogoterbating," "mustard baiting," "snasturbate" and "moogleybate" -- and that barely scratches the surface, which is saying something because these sexually curious interrogators clearly have an itch.

Forget auto-erotic -- the poor people who ask these questions need to worry about autocorrect.

This is actually the second video of this ilk to come out in recent weeks. Yahoo! Answers' bizarrely-framed questions about pregnancy went viral, which means we're now officially and anxiously awaiting another video with weird spellings for "diarrhea."

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