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Lubbock is losing its only location of 1000 Degrees Pizza (11804 Indiana), and only one month after the other location closed (3711 19th). These franchise locations are/were owned and operated by different local Lubbock families. The closest location in Texas will now be in San Antonio.

The owner made the announcement on the popular LBK Foodies Facebook page:

It is sad to decide & announce that we are CLOSING PERMANENTLY by end of March or until supplies last. We would like to appreciate each and every individual who came to try us out and to our regular customers who has been supporting us.
Please DM me if anyone is interest to buy equipment or taking over lease for the building!!
Thank you!!
The restaurant had struggled, and the LBK Foodie community did rally behind them. However, I suspect it must be very difficult to find your footing amid Lubbock's huge landscape of food options. Coupled with sky-high food costs, I personally would not open a restaurant here, but I am grateful for the courage and hard work of those who do.
1000 Degrees Pizza
1000 Degrees Pizza
Another recent closure that stung Lubbock was the loss of the very long-standing Samburgers, a locally owned burger joint that served the area around Coronado High School for decades. The owner confirmed it was food costs that made him hang up his spatula after so many years.
If you love a local eatery, I highly suggest you do what you can now to support it. I realize we are all operating on lower margins- I have personally cut back on going out to eat because my budget is pinched as well. If that's the case for you as well, please consider locally-owned franchises and totally local concepts first. The big guys are built to weather the storm, but a locally owned place could easily get lost forever.

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