As a parent of four kids, I've noticed a problem lately with Lubbock traffic. I know that Lubbock has issues with other things when it comes to traffic, but this one worries me a lot more than speeding through a yellow light or not being able to merge.

Recently, KFYO News reported that a child was hit crossing the road around Lubbock-Cooper West Elementary. It reminded me of another child I saw almost get hit outside of my kid’s elementary school. We, as parents, need to be very careful with our children, so here are some ways to protect them around schools.

First, avoid the school areas when kids are being dropped off or picked up. If you do not need to be there for your child, stay away for the safety of someone else’s child.

Second, and I'm going to say this as nicely as I can: GET OFF YOUR PHONE!

Seriously, Texas made it against the law to be on your phone in a school zone for a reason. Kids can be hard to see, and when you're distracted, they're even easier to miss.

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Third, drop your kids off in a safe area. This was the issue I had when a child was almost run over at my child’s elementary school. The parent dropped them off in the middle of the road during the busiest time possible. It only takes a few extra minutes to drop kids off on a sidewalk and it could save their life.

Lastly, just slow down. Take the extra minute or two to be safe, your children are worth it.

I moved back to Lubbock from the Austin area because I thought this would be a better place to raise my kids. The schools are great, and it's affordable to get them in the local schools. Please help me protect them from traffic and I will do the same for your children.

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